Gifts in action

How does your Oxfam gift help create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice? Check out these videos and stories to see how your gifts support our efforts around the world.

Lambs and school

Livestock is like money in the bank: It can help parents pay for the education of their daughters.

Save a spud

In Ethiopia, a new facility is allowing farmers to preserve their potatoes so they can sell them for a good profit when the price is right.

Save, Dig, Grow, Repeat

Farmer Svay Mon recently started growing vegetables and is now making a profit thanks to a smart investment in a reservoir.

Bertukan’s backyard

In Kentery village, Ethiopia, Oxfam helped provide 30 families with wells and pumps to irrigate crops in their backyards.

Goats that do good

See how the Borena people benefit from an Oxfam goat-distribution program near Moyale in Ethiopia.